Having played a lot of sports as a child and completed a degree in PE and sports massage I have always had a big interest in exercise and fitness. I had always suffered with a ‘bad back’ and tried every treatment possible from physios, oesteopaths, acupuncturists to maintain my back so I could continue playing and training at a high level.

While I was physically very fit pilates helped me develop the core strength to maintain my back. I trained as an instructor through BodyFirm in Dublin in 2007 and have done a number of courses on back care, stretching and pre/postnatal pilates. However as strong as I had gotten with very few back problems when i had my first baby it resulted in a prolapsed disc and the only solution was surgery.

Luckily with my knowledge and experience of Pilates my recovery was very fast and I was back to full health within a couple of weeks post surgery. This experience has been of great benefit when I have had people come in to classes also suffering with back pain. There are a wide range of people coming to my classes, men and women, some with injuries, some in very good physical health some having done no Pilates and those who have had attended classes for a number of years. My classes are suitable for all levels as I teach mixed ability giving variations on moves so people can work within there own ability.

Charlottes Classes