Breakfast is always my biggest downfall, if I don’t start my day right my good intentions go out the window. I have discovered this simple delicious pancake recipe with only two ingredients and its a tough one to beat its a great breakfast before a tough Pilates class!


1 banana mashed

1 egg

optional: cinnamon or vanilla essence



Heat up a frying pan, add some butter or if your really good coconut oil. Mash your banana and add in the egg and mix it up. When the pan is hot pour in the mixture.

2015-07-02 07.19.13

Leave it cook for a couple of minutes, check the bottom to see it is browning.

Finish it off under a hot grill.

2015-07-02 07.24.13

Turn it out on to a plate and top it with what ever you like.

2015-07-02 07.26.51


I love to add natural yogurt, berries and some maple syrup. It is Amazing!!!

2015-07-02 07.27.56