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Exercises classes in Waterford | Get your Butt to the Barre

5 REASONS TO GET YOUR BUTT TO THE BARRE – living in Waterford? Looking for an exercise class in Waterford that is going to burn calories, lift your butt, tone and sculpt your arms and legs and give you a lean body, BarreConcept is the class for you!

Barre gets you lean –
BarreConcept is […]

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Pilates and Posture | 5 Tips For Better Posture | Pilates Waterford

Pilates and Posture go hand in hand. I have seen many clients with poor posture, rounded shoulders, weak upper body and tummy muscles dramatically improve their posture over a number of months of regular Pilates exercises taking part in  my classes in Pilates Waterford.
Poor Posture | Pilates Waterford
I bumped into a friend recently and, […]

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Exclusive Complete Beginner Pilates, Waterford.
I am excited to announce a new course of Pilates classes starting in January!!

These are exclusive Pilates classes in a new facility – the new Waterford Medical Center in the Kilbarry Shopping Center, (over SuperValue on the Tramore Road)

This new Medical Center takes a holistic approach to health care […]

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What is Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates is equipment-based pilates offering a unique and varied set of exercises on an amazing machine.
At first glance the Reformer Pilates machine looks a bit off putting, but basically it consists of a bed like frame with a carriage that moves along wheels that is attached at the end by springs. These springs […]

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Burn baby burn!


I have been teaching BarreConcept for 3 years and I am totally hooked! I discovered BarreConcept  when I was looking for an exercise more challenging for myself outside of Pilates.  I have always been someone who loves to build up a sweat and work hard at exercise but having had back surgery I am […]

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Oops i dont have a 6 pack!

As a Pilates instructor i am definitely under pressure to look good, and everyone always assumes i have a ‘6 pack’. Well I have been a Pilates Instructor for nearly 10 years and my ‘6 pack’ is yet to appear! Why? Here are the reasons!

1 To get those washboard abdominal’s you need to have […]

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5 Reasons Men should do Pilates!!

I have been teaching Pilates in Waterford for nearly 9 years and while my classes are attended mostly by women it’s always surprising when the occasional male  finds his way to class, often because I wonder will I ever see them again! I will never know what makes some men become ‘regulars’ and why some […]

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These are my recommended TOP 5 Prenatal Exercises for your First Trimester. If you have been attending Pilates classes and become pregnant it is perfectly fine to continue with your regular Pilates class until 18-20 weeks, so long as you feel comfortable. Exercises can be adjusted in a regular class to suit you, but […]

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Prenatal Work out

Hi Ladies,i really enjoy this Pilates instructor, probably because she teaches very differently than me, but i enjoyed her exercises when i was pregnant and i use some of them during classes. So while i would have much preferred you to be watching a video of me, time has flown by and i really […]

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Amazing Breakfast Pancakes

Breakfast is always my biggest downfall, if I don’t start my day right my good intentions go out the window. I have discovered this simple delicious pancake recipe with only two ingredients and its a tough one to beat its a great breakfast before a tough Pilates class!


1 banana mashed

1 egg

optional: cinnamon or vanilla […]

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