I am starting Prenatal Pilates classes in Waterford. A new location of the Waterford Medical Center, above Supervalue on the Tramore Road. Starting Wednesday evenings 19.15pm-20.15pm running for 6 consecutive weeks Spaces are limited and must be prebooked.  book online 

Prenatal Pilates  is one of the few disciplines you can continue with right up until you […]

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Jamaican Gingerbread CupCakes

I have a major sweet tooth and like most people i crave it and it makes me feel awful, so if i ever come across something that is ‘sugar free’ and most importantly takes great, well then I am all over it!

These Gingerbread Cupcakes are amazing and seriously easy as i don’t have time […]

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Kick start your Breakfast ‘Charlottes Pilates’ Style!

I have never enjoyed breakfast, its always been one of those meals I ate on the run while getting the kids ready to get out the door in the morning and rush off to work. I always made sure the boys were sitting down to eat porridge while I was getting there bags ready […]

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Single Leg Beat

I teach this classic Pilates move in nearly every class. Its excellent for strengthening your back, gluets and hamstrings but its such an easy exercise for people to get wrong, and to continually get wrong as it looks easy! and as most of you should know, nothing in Pilates is easy! Here is a […]

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Rolling like a Ball

I have covered Rolling Like a  Ball in some of my classes this week and its always an exercise that people struggle with. Here is a good demonstration and explanation on this great Pilates move. I usually show you to put your hands under your knees as i find it slightly easier  but some […]

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Kick start your January exercise routine with BarreConcept classes! These are the only Barre classes held in Waterford and a really great way to sculpt and tone your abs, thighs, arms and butt all while burning fat! Classes are starting on Monday the 19th of January at 8pm and Tuesday the 20th at 6.30pm […]

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Back pain and Pilates.







With my history of lower back pain and now having been on a break from Pilates for a few weeks my lower back is starting to ache, and the only way to improve back pain is to MOVE!!! So while I have been running, walking and doing some barre exercises while on my break […]

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Classes in January

Had a few too many Christmas drinks? Over indulged on those mince pies and chocolates? Tone your tummy up again and start to feel good with Pilates classes starting again Tuesday 6th January. Morning classes at Activate, at 9.30am and evening classes at the Quaker Meeting house Newtown.  Want to burn calories and blast […]

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Welcome to Our New Website

Please look around and let us know what you think.

We’re keen to hear from you and we hope to see you at our next classes.

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