I have been teaching BarreConcept for 3 years and I am totally hooked! I discovered BarreConcept  when I was looking for an exercise more challenging for myself outside of Pilates.  I have always been someone who loves to build up a sweat and work hard at exercise but having misty copeland 3had back surgery I am very careful about which exercise I take. Barre uses the principles of Pilates, while adding in endurance and strength to make this an all over body workout.  Here are my top reasons for loving the burn at the Barre:

  1. Being a mum I don’t have a lot of spare time, I want my workouts to be efficient and effective. Barre is a 1 hour body sculpting class that targets all your muscles.
  2. The ballet moves really focus on your legs and bum, there will be no liposuction needed if your taking this class!
  3. Who doesn’t want the body of a ballet dancer while looking and feeling taller and more graceful?
  4. I am all about feeling strong. Barre classes focus on isometric moves (small tiny pulses) that will help sculpt muscles making everyday movements like walking, running and lifting easier.
  5. Classes involve active stretching so it will improve your flexibility and help reduce the after workout pain.
  6. Barre is non impact, so its great to know you can become hooked for life!
  7. Classes involve a light weights section which really help to sculpt feminine arm muscles.
  8. This class is not for the faint hearted. It will increase your heart rate, make your muscles burn and fatigue you to the point of being unexpectedly energized. It will burn fat and define lean muscles.
  9. Its all about the tunes! The music is loud and I always put together a play list that will have you singing to take your mind off the burn!


My Barre classes are open to anyone, you can work to your own pace so if you struggle with a move you just take a rest. Technique is hugely important with barre, you have to commit to a 4 week set of classes so you start to develop good technique and so to get the best out of your workout. It may take you a few classes or a few months of classes to really get the technique right but once you do you will really start to see your muscles develop and your body start to change.

So want to try a class? check out my website for details: http://charlottespilatesandbarre.ie/barreconcept-pilates-waterford/