5 REASONS TO GET YOUR BUTT TO THE BARRE – living in Waterford? Looking for an exercise class in Waterford that is going to burn calories, lift your butt, tone and sculpt your arms and legs and give you a lean body, BarreConcept is the class for you!

  1. Barre gets you lean

    BarreConcept is a tough exercise class in Waterford all based around ballet movements , think Plie’s (pronounced plee – a-s!), flowing arm movements, and defined strong muscles.  You don’t need any dance or ballet experience to take part in this exercise class. The movements are basic so anyone can do it. You will do a repetitions of a full range movement such as a plie and then hold that plie and pulse.It is these small pulses, or isometric movements that start to build up lactic acid, where we get the burn, which will start to shape and change your muscles to give you that long lean look.  

  2. Barre builds strength –

    You don’t need to lift heavy weights to make you stronger. Barre classes typically use 1.5kg weights, arm work will focus on the big range movements and again small pulses, these will specifically work different, smaller muscle groups that are often forgotten about in a regular weights or exercise class. Working these smaller muscles groups will give you shape and develop strength all over your body

  3. Barre increases your flexibility

    After each section at the barre you stretch, these stretches are repeated a number of times to give length to the muscle group and to eliminate lactic acid so not only are you increasing your flexibility you won’t wake up the next day with the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) Flexibility is especially important to help reduce injury, so for those of you who take other exercise classes, run miles, compete in triathlons, a weekly barre class will give your muscles the flexibility they need so you can keep up your other exercise classes. .

  4. Barre will Reduce back pain

    Hunched over a computer all day? Sitting in the car for too long? Barre focuses on strengthening your abdominals and improving your posture. Typically while standing at the barre doing Plie’s you will suck in your tummy muscles to stand taller, you will drop your shoulders from your ears and you will lift your head up, this is not easy if you are not engaging your tummy muscles. Barre classes also have a Pilates mat section where you really focus on working your abdominals with crunches with the small ball, side planks. You will strengthen your core, be able to sit longer at the computer or in the car without feeling that lower back ache and tension,  and you will be much more aware of your posture.

  5. Barre clears your head

    Have you had a long day at work or with your kids?our brains can be filled with so many ‘to do lists’ that we rarely get time to switch off.  In a Barre class you don’t have time to think about anything other than what your instructor is saying. The class moves quickly, you are learning a routine of exercises so you have to focus. And if your mind does start to wander, the burning  you feel when your instructor says ‘hold and pulse or just another 8’ will quickly brings your head back to concentrate! You will leave a class forgetting about the day you may have had, feeling energized and invigorated and ready to tackle that to do list.