I am a qualified secondary PE teacher and have taught primary school PE for a year. I have alot of experience working with kids through sport in summer camps and i have always wanted to run kids PIlates classes.

To me sport for kids should always be fun and while there is definitely a place for competitive sport for kids, for those who are not so competitive pilates may be just the exercise for them. It may also appeal to those who are playing competitive sport to do an exercise that will strengthen their entire  body.

Pilates for kids is not a typical pilates class as Pilates require a lot of concentration and control, but it will inspire their imagination and creativity, improve thoracic extension and rotation (reduced hunched shoulders looking at books) and educate kids on neutral spine (the best position for our backs) and ideal posture.

Poor core muscles can cause difficulty for kids sitting and standing for extended periods in the school day. Pilates is low impact. Kids can learn how to move efficiently and gracefully. Pilates is a mind and body discipline it can guide kids to a stronger body and a more relaxed state of mind. Classes take place using mat based equipment, small balls, stability balls and bands.

I will be focusing on kids aged 7-12 and will look to introduce teen pilates at a later stage.