A brief history

The Pilates method of exercise was first developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s. Originally practiced as a rehabilitation program for prisoners of war, Pilates was soon found to be extremely beneficial to anyone seeking a higher level of fitness. Now there are millions of people practicing Pilates across the world, all benefiting from this low impact form of exercise.

There’s much more to Pilates than ‘core strength’ or a ‘toned physique’. Pilates focuses on stretching and strengthening the whole body, improving muscle-strength, flexibility and posture, all working to create a healthier, happier you. And, it’s great fun too!

How does it work?

What makes Pilates so popular and inclusive is the ease with which any exercise can be modified to create a safe but challenging workout for all fitness levels and abilities. The foundation of Pilates is to increase the strength of deep-lying muscles in the abdomen and back. They work in tandem with the muscles of the trunk to support the spine and increase ease of movement.

As your core strength develops, the stability throughout your entire torso will increase. This additional stability is just one of the ways Pilates can help people of all ages overcome back pain. As the trunk becomes more stabilised, pressure on the back is relieved and the body is able to move freely and efficiently.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced

Mat Pilates classes – People of every fitness level, age and ability are welcome at my Pilates classes in Waterford; in fact, the more the merrier, so come along to join in the fun! Classes are held at Conor McDonalds gym at the six cross roads, Waterford. Pilates classes are €10 pay as you go or €50 for a set of 6 classes to be used within 3 months..

BarreConcept classes – These unique classes runs in 4 week blocks.  A block costs €50 depending on the length of the course. Classes are held on Monday at 7pm or 8pm. Classes are restricted to just 15 people per group to provide the personalized instruction you need.

‘Charlottes BarreConcept class is a fantastic way to tone up and get fit while having fun. it is the perfect combination of cardio and pilates, all to great music. I love it and would recommend it to anyone who like their workouts to be diverse and fun’
‘Charlotte’s classes are not only a great workout but really improve the core strength for the other sports i do, I find if I miss classes that my performance really suffers!’
‘Fantastic classes, cant recommend Charlottes pilates highly enough! Charlotte is great, fun and energetic! Would seriously recommend this class for core strength and flexibility’.
‘I am attending charlottes pilates class for approx 5 years. Prior to this i had been suffering with very bad back pain but thankfully i havent suffered from back pain since!!! Charlotte is an excellent instructor & her class is taught in a very friendly manner. All levels are catered for from beginner to more advanced. I found pilates so helpful throughout my pregnancy esp for toning my pelvic floor muscles & for getting back to pre baby shape!!! I highly recommend attending charlottes class. ‘.
‘I started Pilates with Charlotte 5 years ago. During that time I have found it to be very beneficial in keeping my body supple. My posture has improved and I am more conscious of core strength. I suffer with hip pain and Charlottes has been able to give me exercises to help specifically with this. The classes are interactive and fun. I look forward to my weekly fix of Pilates!!’.


For more information about any of my Pilates classes in Waterford, please call 0872162629 email: info@charlottespilatesandbarre.ie. See you soon!

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